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The Providence Metallizing Process:
Adhesion - Durability - High Volume

We have 60 years' experience in handling the most difficult to metallize plastic substrates including PP and HDPE for the most demanding customers. Our reputation is built on providing brilliant metal finishes with superior adhesion and durability.

With ROHS compliant metallizing and true plastic electroplating we offer the full gamut of finishing solutions for your plastic parts.

Although we excel at decorative applications for cosmetics, personal care and hardware, we understand and coat plastics for a variety of other applications such as shielding and highly reflective (mirror-like).

For most customers and applications we offer free sampling services. We are experienced in virtually all types of commercially available plastic substrates and can steer you toward success with our recommendations for molding materials and molding vendors.

Our flexible high-volume manufacturing system allows us to run over a million parts per week and over 20 different jobs at a time.

Our basic process for vacuum metallizing plastic closures and collars is: Pre-treat... Basecoat... Evaporation or Sputtering of metal in vacuum... UV Topcoat

    We use the most advanced techniques to assure the coating layers stick to your plastic

    We select from one of many thermal and UV systems to optimize results on your parts.

    Aluminum evaporation is our preferred method, with sputtering available as required.

    Like the basecoat, this lacquer is applied via spray. The topcoat protects the metal and is used for to tint the metal to gold, copper, rose gold, and virtually any specialty color.